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Hair Salon Scissors is your connection for professional cosmetology grade salon scissors and shears. Our staff of licensed cosmetologists are here to help you choose the best hair cutting shears or scissors for your hair care and styling needs.

Our salon experts explain the proper care of your shears and scissors. We have advise on when to use different types of shears and scissors, tips on hair care, color and styling tips, styling products as well as recommendations on the latest name brand shears and scissor products.

Don't forget to shop our store to discover our complete line of Hair Salon Scissors and Shears. We partner with eBay to provide you with a complete line of haircutting scissors and shears as well as many hair care products normally only found in Salons.

If your are a hair stylist you know how expensive a good pair of shears can be. Find excellent discounts on pre-owned shears! There's even free shipping on many products.

As always if you have any questions contact us anytime!

We hope you enjoy our site and our store and look forward to hearing from you!

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